Yoni Fest
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Yoni Fest is an independently run, international film festival dedicated to showcasing contemporary works of film and video made by female and female identifying filmmakers.

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Yoni Fest

Yo - ni /ˈyōnē/ is the Sanskrit word for source, womb or female genitalia. 

Yoni Fest was founded on the principle of creativity; regarding the female womb as a source of divine procreation.

In Hindu Philosophy, according to Tantra, yoni is the origin of life. The yoni together with its male counterpart, the lingam, unite to represent the eternal process of creation and regeneration, the union of male and female principles, and all existence. 

Human beings are inherently creative and Yoni Fest aims to celebrate this inherent creativity. We recognize that gender and sexual identity are fluid. We understand that genitalia is not a direct representation of one’s identity. It is our goal to create a community of human individuals who feel at ease to express themselves freely.