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Yoni Fest 2019 -  Saturday November 9, 2019 8:00 PM - 9:30 PM

HER TYPE | 00:04:28
Masha Vlasova
HD Video

Her Type opens with my mother loading a selfie of me into FaceApp—a smartphone application that generates realistic transformations of photographic portraits.

Rosella Nisio

A retelling of the life and work of Tommaso Campanella (1568-1639), visionary philosopher condemned to life in prison by the Roman Inquisition, in which the story of the construction of a city evokes the presence of a failed demiurge and, with it, the image of the end of times.

Heehyun Choi
16mm film to Video

A mass of space continuously emerges in between the squared gazes. The gazes around a camera, each pointing at different directions, instantly create worlds of various dimensions. This video attempts to twist the linear connection between those worlds.

SALT MOM | 00:07:03
Samantha Kahrar
DV Tape | Video

A hybrid documentary made in collaboration with a teen friend group from Brooklyn, NY. The film explores early onset nostalgia, mediated friendships, episodic temporality, and teen movie clichés.

CIRCLES| 00:03:00
Júlia Izaguirre

Without these three circles of light images wouldn't exist.

LIMEN| 00:11:52
Kathryn Ramey

threshold. between two states of being. the boundary of perception.

CASSANDRA | 00:04:17
Sarah Tirelli
16mm film | Color | Sound

Cassandra appears as survivor, witness and prophet, moving on a fragile boat on a wasted lagoon, blaming the disaster that has finally destroyed the city


Kim Collmer

Between 1950–2000 Germany hosted over 10,000,000 US military personnel and their family members. "Conquering Place" serves as a dream capsule marking the end of this era. An intimate viewpoint is presented in contrast to the male-dominated world of the military by the artist, herself a female family member stationed in Germany in the 80s.

PAPARUDA| 00:02:25
Dalina Bădescu

Paparuda is a magical ritual used for bringing rains in times of drought in the Balkans, but mainly north of the Danube river, in Romania. It is a celebration of fecundity, of the eternal cycle of birth and transformation, a ritual of passage from girl to woman.

ÁGUA FORTE | 00:15:00
Mónica Baptista
16mm film, hand processed

Água Forte (Strong Waters) follows the course of a river, intersecting different times, the mythologic and the essay proper of travel diaries. Drawing together with the landscape an horizontal thought and finally collapsing in to a wild object.

Theresa Grysczok

A flight attendant deals with voiceless expectations of the passengers in the midst of an emergency.

WATER HORSE | 00:7:56
Sarah Wisner & Sean Temple
Film, Video

A secluded family encounters a dreadful presence emerging from the water.

Aliya Haq, Saro Melero & Erica Martins

This categorical experimental film parallels five of the Seven Deadly Sins in a world revolving around condiments, where the ethics of human desires are brought into question. Through the strict attention to action without result, the film aims to leave the audience questioning for themselves whether or not desires, also known as some of the deadly sins, are inherently bad or a matter of use vs. abuse. Mayo, relish, or mustard take on a new, enhanced form as the isolated vehicle to bring pleasure and satisfaction into the life of the faceless characters in this film.