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The Makers

Work by these filmmakers will be screened at this year's Yoni Fest. 

Amy DePaola

Amy DePaola is an actor turned producer, writer/director.  She joined WET Productions as a Producer in 2008, inspired by the non-profit’s commitment to creating women-centric media and advocacy of gender equality. Her time at WET gave her the confidence to produce independently. To date, Amy has worked on dozens of short films, webseries, documentary features and commercial productions. Her short memoir, AMYDEE, a hybrid narrative and verite film, inspired by her journey into the sport of boxing, screened as official selections of the 2017 Provincetown International Film Festival, 2017 Woods Hole Film Festival, 2017 Garden State Film Festival and won the Grand Jury Prize at the 2017 Film Invasion LA. Amy is currently working as a producer for Malka Media Group, overseeing a feature documentary due out on Amazon in late November 2017. Other recent credits include Mary Mazzio’s I AM JANE DOE. Amy lives in Long Island City and in her spare time listens to comedy podcasts while riding the subway. 

still from AMY DEE

still from AMY DEE

AMY DEE - Since surviving a physical assault on the steps of her South Boston apartment, Amy DePaola (30) has been keeping a low profile while visiting a local boxing gym. When a young woman turns up dead in her neighborhood, Amy is forced to face her fears again, revealing that her real fight is far from over. Inspired by true events and melding narrative with cinéma vérité, AMYDEE. is writer-director-actor Amy DePaola’s meditation on reclaiming one’s power in an uncontrollable modern world.



McKenna Stephens