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The Makers

Work by these filmmakers will be screened at this year's Yoni Fest. 

Camila Saldarriaga


Colombian visual artist Camila Saldarriaga has spent her life living between Bogota, Miami, and Los Angeles. Given her strong connection to her south american heritage, each location has served as inspiration to experiment, strengthened her unique style, and stirred her fascination with using atmospheric tones to tell stories. Camila’s work reflects the importance of a female voice that embraces diversity and social issues. She has a b.a. in communications from Florida International University with a minor in photography and art.

Camila’s work has been published in London with Noctis magazine, Bogotá with Revista Exclama and New York with Milk Magazine, among others. her experience in photography has nurtured a passion for filmmaking, propelling her toward production and directing. Her first self-directed-and-produced short film, ¡MAIS DURO!, was officially selected to eleven film festivals during the festival circuit and won best narrativa short at nordic international film festival in 2016, also getting a special mention at Provincetown film festival.


Las Shapers is a documentary that celebrates three women (Kat Mortimer, Cher Pendarvis, and Valerie Duprat) at different stages of their lives, forging a new path in the world of building surfboards. Each woman’s unique approach to board building reflects the way they navigate life’s obstacles  – with resourcefulness and creativity. Through their stories, we learn the importance of finding a voice that they can assert in their day-to-day life – in order to break the boundaries of traditionally gendered roles, because, let’s face it, surfboard building has long been regarded as a male-dominated trade. With passionate women like Kat, Cher, and Valerie, that’s changing. Las Shapers is also a testament to the influence and support of partners and mentors in one of the crafts where mentorship is still vital.



Cher: @cherpendarvis | Valerie: @meremadesurfboards | Kat: @kat_mortimer

Director Camila: @goldenvixen

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