Yoni Fest
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The Makers

Work by these filmmakers will be screened at this year's Yoni Fest. 

Natasha Cantwell

Spanning music video, fashion photography and art projects, Natasha Cantwell’s work is recognisable for candy-coloured hues and a slightly odd sensibility. Her analogue photographs and 16mm experimental films openly embrace awkwardness while drawing from the absurdity of human behaviour. Alongside her practice she also produces and curates for festivals and galleries, including the Auckland Underground Film Festival, Channels: The Australian Video Art Festival and the Victorian Archives Centre Gallery. She is currently based in Melbourne, Australia.

Still from SPINNERET

Still from SPINNERET

Peeling back the veneer of civilized humanity, Spinneret reflects on the animal instincts we pretend we can control. In particular, this film looks at displays of bravado and intimidation. 


McKenna Stephens