Yoni Fest
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The Makers

Work by these filmmakers will be screened at this year's Yoni Fest. 

Lucy Kerr

Lucy Kerr is a choreographer and video, film, performance, and installation artist based in Los Angeles, CA and Brooklyn, NY. She is currently an MFA candidate in Film/Video at California Institute of the Arts. Kerr received degrees in Philosophy and Dance from The University of Texas at Austin and was the grand prize winner of the 2014 Co-op / George H. Mitchell Awards for Academic Excellence. She has received commissions from Mono No Aware and the Center for Performance Research. Her projects have been presented with The Brooklyn Museum, Anthology Film Archives, The Chimney NYC, Cucalorus Festival, Dance Films Association, Co-Lab Projects, The Aurora Picture Show, Triskelion Arts, LEIMAY, Brooklyn Studios for Dance, IDIO Gallery, Lubov Gallery NYC, and The MATCH Houston, among others. Kerr co-curated and co-organized the 7 week dance on film festival, Dance Film; Deconstructed, in Fall 2017 in partnership with Emily Smith at Brooklyn Studios for Dance and with collaborating organizations Mono No Aware and Dance Films Association. She was the writer for LEIMAY’s theoretical publication accompanying the production of borders (2016) at BAM (Brooklyn Academy of Music). As a dancer, Kerr has also performed with LEIMAY in multiple projects, and she also teaches 16mm film techniques with Mono No Aware.

Kerr, Lucy - Into Heavenly Glory.jpeg

Into Heavenly Glory is an exploration of shifts between emotional states of terror and ecstasy, as instigated by the apparatus of a roller coaster. The title references Mother Mary's sudden assumption into the sky, which marked both her divine achievement and earthly death. The film uncannily merges images of ascension in religious mysticism with more trivial pursuits of touching the sky through theme park entertainment.


McKenna Stephens