Yoni Fest
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The Makers

Work by these filmmakers will be screened at this year's Yoni Fest. 

Kim Collmer



Kim Collmer is an American artist based in Cologne, Germany. Using video, installation, and collage, her work often pays tribute to forgotten “futuristic” spaces, questioning notions of progress. Collmer explores these environs through expansive use of materials that she further manipulates using editing and compositional strategies. Her work has been described as having "an epic sweep" by the New York Times, and she has been compared to Alexander Calder for the childlike charm of her films by the New Yorker.

Between 1950–2000 Germany hosted over 10,000,000 US military personnel and their family members. "Conquering Place" serves as a dream capsule marking the end of this era. Metaphors such as music, dancing, and architecture suggest ambiguous structures and their impact on interpersonal and physical relationships. An intimate viewpoint is presented in contrast to the male-dominated world of the military by the artist, herself a female family member stationed in Germany in the 80s.


McKenna Stephens