Yoni Fest
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The Makers

Work by these filmmakers will be screened at this year's Yoni Fest. 

Sarah Wisner & Sean Temple

Sarah Wisner and Sean Temple are a writing and directing team committed to telling character-driven stories with personal and socially-conscious themes within genre filmmaking. They believe that the horror genre is an invaluable entry point to exploring the human psyche and social condition, and that horror is most effective when it achieves high levels of audience engagement and identification. Wisner and Temple use subtlety and nuance to invite their audiences to derive their own layers of meaning from their thoughtfully composed visuals. Their short films have been featured in numerous festivals and contests, including Fantastic Fest, Beyond Fest, Independent Film Festival Boston, Sidewalk Film Festival, and many more.

Still from WATER HORSE

Still from WATER HORSE

A secluded family encounters a dreadful presence emerging from the water.


McKenna Stephens