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The Makers

Work by these filmmakers will be screened at this year's Yoni Fest. 

Dalina Bădescu

Dalina Bădescu is a visual contemporary artist and art historian from Romania, born in 1990, who works mainly in traditional tehniques, oil painting and graphics, as well as contemporary ones, object, installation, video, collage. She participated at multiple national and international exhibitions in the last 5 years. Her works are in private collections and public museums (Romania, Portugal, Italy, India, Japan, South Korea etc). The main themes from her work are the subject of memory and image construction starting from the subconsciousness state, the dream realm. In this stage of her research on the visual, she explores and develops the instinct, that mechanism of the subconscious that can solve a plastic problem far more effectively than an academic, schooling approach. After learning the rules and recipes of plastic construction, she tries to break away from them, to pass them in the background and to invent free images, at first sight lacking in history.

Still from PAPARUDA.

Still from PAPARUDA.

PAPARUDA is a magical ritual used for bringing rains in times of drought in the Balkans, but mainly north of the Danube river in Romania. It is a celebration of fecundity, of the eternal cycle of birth and transformation, a ritual of passage from girl to woman.

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