Yoni Fest
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The Makers

Work by these filmmakers will be screened at this year's Yoni Fest. 

Sara Tirelli

Sara Tirelli (1979) is a filmmaker and artist. She received her MFA in Visual Arts at Faculty of Human Science at University of Bologna, Department of Art, Music and Performing Art in 2003 and in the same year she obtained her Filmmaker Diploma at Scuola Civica di Cinema e Nuovi Media, Politecnico di Milano. Her videos and artworks have been featured in several exhibitions such as Deutsche Bank Kunsthalle, 58th Venice Art Biennale Collateral event, Gothenburg Fllm Festival, Q16.Quadriennale d’Arte of Rome, Museo Novecento Florence, 12th International Architecture Biennale of Venice, Rotterdam Film Festival. In 2017 she won 3rd Prize of Deutsche Bank and Ufa Video Art Award and in the same year she was selected as Artist in Production in Residency at Borås Konstmuseum, Sweden. Her artistic research explores the processes of visual perception and the links between technology, culture and media.

Still from CASSANDRA.

Still from CASSANDRA.

Cassandra appears as survivor, witness and prophet, moving on a fragile boat on a wasted lagoon, blaming the disaster that has finally destroyed the city.


McKenna Stephens